The services I offer include:

  • Formulating a work plan

  • Researching online using sources I've gathered over the years

  • Researching at courthouses and repositories in the Tri-State area (Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois)

  • Retrieving government records

  • Transcribing old documents

  • Assisting with lineage society applications

  • Creating a family tree

  • Publishing charts and books as keepsakes

  • Organizing your family mementos

It's important to remember that some records did not survive fires, wars, and other disasters. Some people did not leave much of a paper trail. And some locations have laws that dictate who is entitled to access records. There are no guarantees that your objectives can be met, but I will do my very best.

I can also

Make a copy of your tree and make corrections  // Organize your documents and photos  // Guide your research // Transcribe old documents // Translate German and Italian documents

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